The Specific Objective of the project is to enhance water management, by promoting “green behavior” campaigns in the areas of water management, the implementation of pilot activities mainstreaming existing innovative methods/technologies and the formation of an overall educational policy of the local government.

More specifically BEST-U aims to:

  1. Build the capacity of stakeholders and decision makers in the management of water resources,
  2. Enhance the knowledge and raise awareness of water users, in order to participate in environmental actions more efficiently,
  3. Develop educational processes which will promote the comprehensive, systemic and interdisciplinary approach to environmental issues and optimum water management in particular,
  4. Create a sense of responsibility, among students and teachers, regarding the environmental protection and sustainable living conditions.

Target Groups:

Through its implementation, the specific project, intends to support the following categories of beneficiaries:

  1. Local schools and kindergartens,
  2. Farmers and businesses,
  3. Local stakeholders,
  4. Residents in intervention areas.