1. Actions contributing to the capacity building of stakeholders and decision makers in the management of water resources:
  • Establishment of a local stakeholders’ network from the two participating countries, aiming to exchange experiences in policy and communication management of urban water.
  • A pilot action launching a label “best water use” that will be assigned in Organizations, Institutions and Schools which implement specific actions and/or use equipment for the rational use of water.
  • Development of an on-line networking platform.
  1. Actions contributing to the enhancement of the knowledge and the raise of awareness of water users, in order to participate in environmental actions more efficiently:
  • Recording/survey of household and farmers relationship with water.
  • Development of the rational water management guides for the different categories of water users.
  • Development of a best practice guide, including internationally applied practices.
  • Implementation of awareness and information campaign.
  1. Actions contributing to the development of educational processes:
  • Realization of seminars to teachers of schools and kindergartens, which will improve their knowledge on water management and will educate them on the tools and techniques proposed by BEST-U project.
  1. Actions contributing to the creation of a responsibility sense, among students and teachers, regarding the environmental protection and sustainable living conditions:
  • Development of a comprehensive environmental program in schools and kindergartens, which include information and awareness actions for pupils. Children will participate in an attempt to prove that using simple ways and more responsible behavior everybody can reduce water wastage. Pupils will then undertake to sensitize the rest of the school and their parents.
  • Development of e-tools (e-learning), e-educational material (e-games) and application for mobiles.
  1. Dissemination Events
  • Info Days in Greece and in Bulgaria,
  • Label Award workshops in Greece and in Bulgaria,
  • Final Conference,
  • Capitalization workshop.

Expected results:

The main results expected to arise from the implementation of the project are:

  • Citizens with the appropriate responsible environmental behavior, through which they will proceed to actions in order to protect and preserve the water resources and the environment in general.
  • Children with the appropriate environmental behavior will undertake actions, in order to sensitize their parents and the neighborhood on the importance of water and the ways for water saving.
  • Creation of a network bringing together educational organizations, local authorities and the general public, regarding water management issues. Through this network, experiences in policy and communication management of urban water will be exchanged and the available technology and know-how will be transferred among its members (Institutional strengthening).
  • Provision of a comprehensive governance and management framework provided to local authorities in order to implement effectively and efficiently EU policies, strategies, legislation and commitments relevant to sustainable water management in their areas.
  • The promotion of integrated sustainable water management, focused on city water, by training officers of local authorities on the “best use” of water, collected and analyzed through the capitalization of EU best practices.
  • Elimination of hazards for public health through a better management of water, increasing the feeling of security of the local populations.